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Pvt Sam Watkins
Co.H, Maury Grays, 1st Tennessee, author Co. Aytch

Pvt J. Clay March
Co. A, 1st (Feilds) Tennessee Infantry
On May 13, 1861, at the age of 26, March enlisted in the 1st Tennessee Infantry Regiment. His service in the Confederate army came to an abrupt halt on December 31, 1862, when he was severely wounded at the the Battle of Murfreesboro. He later served in an engineer unit, but never fully recovered from his wound. This image was produced by the C. C. Giers gallery of Nashville and is from a hand-tinted ruby ambrotype.

Captain John F. Wheless
Co. C, Rock City Guards 1st (Feilds) Tennessee Infantry

Pvt Joseph L. Campbell
Co. C, Rock City Guards 1st (Feilds) Tennessee Infantry

Capt. James Park Hanner
Co. D, Williamson Grays 1st (Feilds) Tennessee Infantry
Hanner was forced to resign his infantry commission in December of 1861 due to an illness, but upon recovering his health he returned to service with Confederate artillery in July of 1863.

Corporal James R. Neely
Co. D, Williamson Grays 1st (Feilds) Tennessee Infantry, January 1862
This image was made in Staunton, Virginia in January of 1862, during Genl. T. J. Jacksons Romney Campaign. Neely survived that campaign only to receive a bullet wound to his leg at Perryville, Kentucky on October 8th of the same year. The wound required amputation of his leg at the hip. He was listed as being in the Confederate Invalid Corps at the time of the surrender in the Spring of 1865.

Pvt Henry Howe Cook
Co. D, Williamson Grays aged 17, (Feilds) Tennessee Infantry, April, 1861.

Corporal Alfred Osborne Pope Nicholson, Jr.(1840-1915) (right)
and unidentified companion,
Co. H, Maury Grays
1st (Feilds) Tennessee Infantry, 1861. (Franklin Fulton).

Pvt George Searight Nichols
Co. D, Williamson Grays 1st (Feilds) Tennessee Infantry, October 1862.
He is wearing the frock coat they were issued in late 1861, early 1862. He has on what appears to be a Federal Forage Cap, with a D and crossed cannon insignia. He has on civilian windowpane pattern plaid pants. He got sick right before the invasion into Kentucky and was left at Chattanooga. After he got well again he had this picture taken in Chattanooga in October 1862.

Brandon Brothers
Co. H, Maury Grays 1st (Feilds) Tennessee Infantry, 1861.
This picture shows three brothers who enlisted together in Company H. From left to right: James Brandon (killed in action at the battle of Kennesaw Mountain GA. and mentioned on p.129 and 133 of Co. Aytch), Edmond Brandon, (also mentioned in Co. Aytch on p. 134). Edmond moved to an area near Waco, TX after the war and was murdered in a robbery by some local farmhands in 1891. On the far right is Alexander Brandon who also served in Co. Aytch and also survived the war and died in 1892. There is also another brother, John Brandon who served in Co. Aytch. Yet another brother, Charles L. Brandon, served in Co. K, 7th TN Infantry (Sumner Co.) being captured during Pickett’s Charge up Cemetery Hill, spending the remainder of the war in Fort Delaware Prison, Delaware. Charles was pardoned by President Lincoln on April 14, 1865. Later that same day, the president was assassinated.

Cpl Wm A Graham and Pvt Jos Bynum
Co. H, Maury Grays, 1st (Feilds) Tennessee Infantry, 1861.
The picture below shows Corporal William A. Graham (left) and Private Joseph Bynum. Both are wearing eight-button medium grey frock coats with dark blue or black standing collar. The cuffs are plain. The pants are medium grey with what looks like a 2 inch dark stripe on outer seams. Corporal Graham has very light coloured chevrons (possibly white) pointing up instead of down.
He was killed by a sharpshooter in July 1864. Private Jo Bynum was killed in West Virginia.

Pvt Sam R. Watkins?
Co. H, Maury Grays 1st (Feilds) Tennessee Infantry
Author of Co. Aytch

Charles T. Quintard
Chaplain of the 1st Tennessee

Major Jo. Vaulx Jr
Captain, Co. A, later Cheatham's Inspector General

Lt. Colonel John Patterson
1st Tennessee, 1861-1862Pre-War photo superimposed on a post-war uniform painting

Colonel Hume R. Feild
C.O. 1st Tennessee, 1862-1865

Brigadier-General George Maney
Original C.O. 1st Tennessee then Brigade Commander

Major-General Benjamin Franklin Cheatham
Division C.O.

Lieutenant-General Leonidas Polk
Corps Commander (also an Episcopalian Bishop)

General Braxton Bragg
Commander Army of Tennessee

General Joseph Eggleston Johnston
Commander Army of Tennessee
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