Organis­ationMay 1861April 1862January 1863
Colonel George ManeyHume R. FieldHume R. Feild
Lieut­enant-Colonel T. F. SevierJohn Patter­sonJohn L. House
MajorAbraham M. LooneyJohn L HouseA. C. Allen
Adjutant Robert B. SnowdenThomas H. McKinn­eyThomas H. McKinn­ey
Surgeon W. L. NicholJ. R. BuistJ. R. Buist
Assistant SurgeonJ. R. BuistW. R. HughesW. R. Hughes
A.Q.M. Samuel H. RansomM. B. PilcherA. S. Camp
A.C.S.George W. MeneesGeorge W. Menees 
Co. A. CaptainJoseph VaulxWilliam D Kelly
Co. B. CaptainJ. B. Craig­head
J. Patter­son
Bailey P Steele
Co. C. CaptainRobert C FosterJohn F. Wheless
Co. D. CaptainJames P. HannaOscar Adkinson
Co. E. CaptainGeorge HarschGeorge Leascher
Co. F. CaptainJohn L ButlerJohn L Butler
Co. G. CaptainGeorge L. U. Camp­bell__ Irvine
Co. H. CaptainWilliam R JohnsonHarry Webster (soon replaced by Jo. P. Lee)
Co. I. CaptainWilliam Ledbet­terWilliam Ledbetter
Co. K. CaptainHume R. FeildWilliam C. Flournoy
Co. L. Captain J. W. Fulcher
Consolidation of 1st/27th (January 1863):
Cos. A/B/C Captain William D Kelly
Cos. E/FCaptain Ben Smith
Cos. G/HCaptain Joseph P. Lee
The 27th Tennessee consolidated into three companies, and it is assumed that Cos. D, I, K, and L retained their separate identities.